2 de agosto de 2012

I´m back

I´m back. No one can deny the opposite. I´m here again, in the island. Yesterday was the day after. Yesterday was the first day, again. It was so hard, so so hard. It was so hard to say (again) good bye. It was worst than the first time. Sometimes I believe I know why, but other times... I don´t know it. It was the same, I mean... I said good bye and then I took the plane. I don´t know what I´m trying to say, I´m only writing.

The only thing I know it´s I´m here, in England, again, and I´m happy to be here. I´m happy to be in England, that is what I want but... (there is always a "but") I miss you... more than usual, and it´s funny because I never missed you.

My last week of holidays, in Canterbury. Next week I will come back to The North, to follow with my life, but just one month more and then... who knows... and then... my future.

Coffee, postcards and Canterbury